Brute Force Evo Professional Seo Software from Peter Drew

It Doesn't Matter WHAT The SE's do... What Algorithms They Change... What Ignorant, Restrictive Conditions
They Put On You. EVO PROFESSIONAL Will Cut Through All The Problems Like A Samurai Sword Through
A Sausage, And BLOW Your Sites To The Top Of The Search Rankings In Record Time!

Watch Video Above Top Right to See the Awesome Power Potential of EVO PRO Software.


Your Private Web 2 Social Blog Networks.

YES! You own these Private Web 2 Social Blog Networks for ever and can update them with new links inside at any time. (There is way too much good information about these Networks to provide here, though laid out perfectly in the associated PDF when you download the software.

29th June 2012.

Added New WIKI Module to EVO PRO Seo Software. Now new database added full of High Page Rank High Authority Wiki sites hosted across a vast array of TLD's including many EDU websites.

8th June 2012.

Happy to Announce our most significant EVO PRO update to date, called Penguin Roast!! Our answer to the recent Algo changes @ Google. Plus our new strategies how Repair Penguin affected Websites.

If in any doubt about the quality our company produces, please click play on the Video above to see EVO in action :)

Panda Schmanda.

Look, I don't care what kind of hogwash they've been feeding you... Virtually NOBODY at the top of the Search Engine Rankings got there "Naturally" or "Organically"... Nobody.

And that's become even MORE relevant in today's Hyper-competitive business environment... You see, If they can't Find You, they can't BUY From You.

You need to use every tool and trick in your arsenal... And a key part of that arsenal is your SEO and SERP Positioning software.

But look at This guy, that guy. A LOT of Huge websites have been spanked, and spanked HARD by Giggle for using shady linking strategies.

That's because their SEO people are amateurs.

We're NOT. And by being here right now, today... You've proven there's hope for you as well ;-)

Are you willing to listen? Then let's get going...

Brute Force SEO Software

When we built Brute Force SEO almost Four Years ago, we had that universal truth in mind - and we leveraged that idea into one of the most powerful automated SEO software platforms ever, both then... And Now.

Since Day One my Automated SEO Software programs have given webmasters and site owners the Insane Power to explode their search engine indexing and rankings... Sending a Landslide of high-octane backlinks and overnight authority to your money site.


We have provided Our Simple Wizard system to make it fast and simple to enter your site data and do your SEO Promotion. Data Entry = 2 mins.

Below are the Modules Provided in Brute Force SEO - EVO PRO.

  • Main SettingsThis is where you enter your websites details.
  • Video ModuleThis is where we promote Youtube videos with your URL.
  • Article ModuleThis is houw we source unlimited unique articles to you.
  • High Page Rank High Authority SitesIn this module we can promote additional links, including internal pages.
  • list of AccountsAs you can see from the Slide Bar, we have a lot of powerful sites to promote our links to.
  • Tasks WindowThese are all the tasks we can do in one go.
Main Settings1 Video Module2 Article Module3 High Page Rank High Authority Sites4 list of Accounts5 Tasks Window6

Once the project is completed, you are presented with this window,

where you can check and export your SEO Linking Stats for this Project and hand on to SEO Clients.

These are the results of a typical EVO PRO project run.

This window Shows the PageRank of all the Links you just created promoting your or your clients website.

This graph shows you the TLD's of the domains that are hosting the links you just created.

This window diplays the URL's usernames and passwords of your links, plus you can export these results
to CSV or PDF for your or your SEO Clients Statistics.





17th August 2012. Additional Module Allows you to Create these Awesome

Private Web2 Social Blog Networks!

Private blog Networks

EVO2 exists to serve YOU!

Here's A Bare-Bones Recap Of EVO's Talents,
which the new Pro Release keeps mostly intact,
(with several startling changes):
  •  Creates and confirms E-mail accounts totally on autopilot...
  •  Creates sites that You Own Forever, solving Captchas along the way...
  •  Promotes your new linking sites and your money sites to Smoking Hot Web2.0 properties...
  •  Provides a deluge of backlinks to your money sites on over a Hundred high page rank sites...
  •  Strategically links all your new Web2.0 properties together in an incredible web of link juice...
  •  Promotes your money sites rss feeds and the new Evo created rss feeds to the TOP rss aggregators...
  •  Promotes your money sites to multiple social bookmarking directories...
  •  Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds and submits this to the Top rss aggregators...
  •  Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds of all the new Site URL's and promotes this RSS feed...
  •  And much, much more - but that's just the beginning of this explosive package...


Evo Pro
  •  Much Faster runs now with our awesome Multi-threading ability- Smash through your projects like never before!
  •  Never lose a project- If your computer or internet drops, EVO PRO starts where it left off. One of YOUR biggest requests!
  •  EVOII was already Dead-simple to use before, but now it's an insane TWO (2) minutes only to setup and run your project once you're familiar.
  •  Perfect for complete beginners, right through to our Pro customers who supply SEO services to businesses around the world.
  •  Unlimited Pre-Spun Articles for you to download for each of your projects- You'll Never run out of unique content to use in your runs!
  •  Fast and Easy loading of any of your static accounts- great for use with your SEO clients or to separate and organize projects.
  •  We've even provided Insane Proxy support for our heavy hitting customers- Never see an IP glitch again..
  •  EVO Pro draws from a massive database of pre-made email accounts WE provide, which speeds up runs and adds fabulous reliability.
  •  A Solid 4 MONTHS of re-writing... and we couldn't be prouder, making so many peoples lives so much easier!
Own The Search Engines

The stunning Brute Force SEO: EVO Professional release that you are about to discover today gives up NONE of the Raw Power of the original: In fact it's more powerful by a factor of TEN.

But just like EVO2, the new Profesional Edition doesn't try to Force his way in anywhere... He finesses the web's TOP Web2.0 and High Page Rank Authority Sites into opening up and granting him carte blanche entry...

And they Thank Him for the privilege with Insane Rankings and Overnight Link Love To Your Money Sites of Epic Proportions.

EVO2 builds an incredible web of irresistible goodies for the SE spiders... Think of them as delicious treats for the SE's robots- they can't NOT stop and pick them up!

The result? Your Sites shoot up in the SE rankings at light speed... along with your Revenues and Income. And the links STICK, and do nothing but GAIN power and authority over time.

Better yet, EVO PRO does all this (and much, MUCH more) almost totally on Autopilot.

As good as the original BFSEO, and then EVOII were, you still had to babysit them considerably.

But Not EVO Professional...

Evo Pro Works
  • From his Simple and Intuitive installation...
  • His incredibly lightweight, Wizard Style Interface...
  • His Crazy-Fast Multi-Threading functions...
  • His Totally High-Tech Point and Click operation...
  • To his Insane Captcha Solving intelligence (that WE pay for)...
  • The Slick Proxy Support for power users...
  • And built-in E-Mail accounts from OUR inventory...

EVO PRO does it all FOR you... at WARP Speed.

So, If you are A Webmaster seeking Insane Indexing and Ranking Power...

Or - An SEO Pro working for clients...

Or - An Affiliate Marketer looking for a Deluge of Free Traffic...

Then You Have Found Your Way To The Promised Land.

Now I'm pretty sure you're gonna ask me "But what about Program Blah Blah?"...

..."And the other guy, Program Bleh Bleh?"

Look, at the risk of sounding arrogant, I gotta be honest- trying to compare EVO Professional to ANY other so-called SEO program on the market is like comparing a Rocket Ship to a Roller Skate.

It's An Exercise In Futility. Take a look at just a FEW of the differences:

EVO Professional Matrix Chart

Now I'm not gonna "out" the programs shown in the comparison chart above by name- not my style, even though they've been bashing us publicly for a long time, one of them even naming me in a recent e-mail to his lists (cough initials are S.H. cough cough).

But it's unfair to YOU to let it slide totally- if you don't get a good comparison, you may fall for their BS, and that will just put you farther behind the curve, and I don't want that.

I'm sure if you look around and use your noggin, you can figure out who "Prog1" and "Prog2" are ;-) I'll take them in order...

As for Prog1, well... EVO has never been focused on forum spamming, which is the ONLY thing we can see of any tiny value to Prog1, as dubious as that is. The problem with this kind of linking, while it may yield a bump in your SERPS initially, it Doesn't Last.

EVO focuses on a potent mixture of social and traditional media, building on high PR deep links that have longevity. EVO Pro links STICK, and EVO does many things that Prog1 does not and Cannot... and we add new resources and high PR sites all the time.

Nor do we charge for captchas or make you buy your own as they DO. Several of our SEO agency power users switched to EVO from Prog1 and report they are now saving as much as a hundred bucks a month on captcha fees, and getting far better and stickier results, so where's the value?

Even worse, Prog1 was and IS a thinly veiled and amateurish attempt to reverse engineer BFSEO- they even "borrowed" our sales copy when they originally launched! I've got news: You can try to "Imitate" BFSEO, but you can't "Copy" us- our code security is much too tight for that ;-)

Prog2 is another guy who thought he could do it like the Pros (and hardly worth mention), but his so-called "robot" fails the easy-button test miserably...

We could never get it to work for us, and frankly, couldn't even understand what the hell it was trying to do besides... wait for it... Yeah, you guessed it:

Spam Forums, basically.

Look, if you want short-term forum spam, well... We can code that up in a week or so, and we probably will. But we won't charge members for it- EVO Professional Members get almost everything I code for free as value added to the family.

Other people? Well, we'll charge them, but FAR less than the fee you'll pay the other guys for basically the same thing. See, WE only charge what a product is WORTH.

And short-term forum spam links are pretty much worthless!

You gotta understand, we don't focus on short term craplinks- we go for quality, and Longevity.

There isn't a SINGLE part of EVO Pro that was just "thrown in" to pad out the offer, and try to add bogus value- Every Moving Part of BFSEO has ALWAYS been painstakingly engineered to do it's work with Pride and Quality.

And we've always been about flying under the radar, even when that seems to take longer. What Brute Force, and then EVOII did (and ALWAYS did) - and EVO PRO does even better...

Is simply mimic the actions of a Real Human Being. That's IT.

He's NOT a "Spider", or even a "Robot", really... not like the other guys use the term.

Think of him as a SuperHero, like that dude from the hit movie "The Fantastic Four"... what was his name...


That's exactly what EVO PRO looks like to the Search Engines... A "Super" Human.

A Lightning-Fast and Hyper-Efficient one.

A Hyperactive Super-Assistant, cranked up on caffeine... Never taking a break... Never demanding a raise... Never asking for a day off or holiday...

Just working his fingers to the bone from the moment YOU say go, 'til YOU say stop.

That's why the SE's ignore him- they can't SEE him, unlike the other guys "tools". All they see is the Total Link Love he leaves behind :-)

Think that's cheating? I don't. Not even a little bit.

Consider this: Think Google would have grown into a multi BILLION dollar company (on YOUR back, no less) if they ranked every site by hand? If they looked at your site with their eyes and decided what ads to place on it?

No Freaking Way. They use Software to do the heavy lifting.

So Why Exactly Shouldn't YOU do the same?!

Riiiight. I see the light bulb going on over your head.

Get your mind wrapped tightly around this simple yet powerful concept - the leveraging (and liberating) effect of True Automation, and...

Direct From Fight Club

"I QUIT...My Day Job!"

I QUIT! LOL :) Thanks Pete! +feedback on evo/results etc

My day job!

Couple months ago,I had been living thru snowy icy winters in northeastern usa for decades and always hated it. Never had the balls to leave.

Since this past november I quit my very last EVER J O B that I just hated and am now living in balmy florida,,,60-70 degrees in janruary and workin on my tan is so surreal to me Im 15min from the beach, and the next move here soon will be to literally have the beach as my backyard (always a dream of mine!)

Big part of it is pete,his crew and the software and of course all the great info(his pdf's and vids etc) along with the various info from the other folks on this board.It finally cut thru the bullshit for me and im eternally greatful.

I cannot stress the above paragraph enough, I wish i could shake your freakin hand/s and buy you a beer or something. Seriously, all cheesy bs aside, god bless ya

- Jhess56


"This Is An Investment. It's A Long Term Strategy."

Results of my trial:

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share my progress. After a 7 day trial I am VERY thankful for a few things...

1. Peter Drew for making this amazing software - which is making my life MUCH easier. =)

2. The leaders in this forum who have helped me every step of the way with every question or concern i've had... (still working on that sandbox 2060 error...)

3. This software and the fact that it drops a week worth of work in a 24 hour period.

The morale of this story kids. Stick around after your trial. This isn't just another gimmick, trick, or useless product. This is an investment. It's a long term strategy.

- ShaneHunter


"...I Have The Number One Spot For An Affiliate Product."

Two Words -Evo's Great!

Peter Drew,

I love you.


lol. that said. I'd like to add to my current success story. Remember how I said I got to number 3?

How does number one sound? Effing amazing? Yeh... That's what I though too.

Well, thanks to Brute Force, combined with a few small tricks of my own (like onpage seo, a little bookmarking, and a few backlink indexing tricks) I have the number one spot for an affiliate product.

So, once again... Peter, I love you, I love Brute Force SEO, and I love my own persistence... lol

- ShaneHunter (again ;-)


"My Site Is On #2 For 783,000,000 Results"

WARNING: Will Kidnap Peter Drew & crew soon !!!

LOL... Yes its partially true.

Reason is Again a HUGE Success of Newbie like me for main 2 letter keyword

>> I regieter domain 7 months back
>> Used EVO2 for 3 months
>> My site is on #2 for 783,000,000 results for main 2 letter keyword that gets around 80000+ searches a day
>> Im getting around 35k SE traffic daily now

NOW im worried what will happen if my competition will come to know how i got there in such a short time .....

SO NOW it is essential to Kidnap peter & crew & let them work underground for me ... :P

KEEP IT UP PETER... TILL THE TIME i came to auatralia

- HostPro


"...This Will Make You Jealous Big Time."

Sorry, but this will make you jealous big time. Thanks Pete!

I have been doing SEO on my money sites forever and I've tried tried a zillion things to get me to page 1. Here is something new that I am very sure you would like for yourself.

Check this out, My favorite key word for my web page is "basement waterproofing Michigan".

That used to work good before Google started paying attention to local businesses. So if you look up that phrase now on the local Google repeater you will see me in position #3 and #4 which is usual.

Now they have added something. There is a plus at the bottom of my listing that says "Show more results from". Cool, so click there and I get me at position 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7 & 8 & 9. Out of a 15 spot page.

Here is the really cool thing. On the bottom of my spot number 9 there is a note, "show all results from".

So I clicked that and got all 10 positions on page one. How cool is that? I decided to see how far back it went. I had all 10 positions on 10 pages. NO one else. The first 100 spots were mine.

This was all within googles regular search engine. I know it is the usual site: command but is is still in the search format.

What about that?

I have to say thanks to Pete and some of his wacky SEO ideas for part of this. Thanks!

- Oakbridge


"...More Traffic And More Sales After Just 1 Run!"


A BIG thankyou to Pete and everyone else behind's awesome!

After just 1 run of EVO on one of my sites just 6 days ago, it's moved from ranking #8 to ranking #5 in Google for one of my money keyword phrases with over 9 million competition...& I'm already noticing a slight increase in traffic and sales!

I've had EVO since November last year, but haven't done much with it - busy with work, moving house etc. etc. ....& been a bit slack too .

I probably have a bit of an advantage, as the site has been online for over 4 years and has held good natural rankings (with virtually no SEO other than a bit of on-page SEO) so it will probably improve quicker than a brand new site, but still...I'm impressed!

What's more, is I suspect Google may not have found all the links generated by EVO for the site last week, so once it finds them, and I do 1 or 2 more runs, the site shouldn't be too far off #1.

Cheers & thanks once again!

- Rach


"...Great Tip!"

Thanks to your software, I have managed to start placing local companies on the first page of Google


After being unemployed for 6 months I have just signed three deals in three days:

1x 6 months SEO work for ?3600
1x leased trade contact page at ?1200
1x leased trade micro website at ?1200

I have another 30 sites to promote and will extend these to cover the whole of my country. I pick the domains by trade/location and Google adwords competition, so that I know there is a demand.

Great tip!

If its any use; I joined the BNI (Business Networking International) and promoted the members websites and got them high up in Google, which then resulted in them referring their business associates to me)

Thanks Regards

- Alex


"...Client Now Owns 7 Of 10 On Page One..."

You Won't Believe This!

Wow, I know we have the most powerful seo software in the known universe but this is crazy amazing!

 Submitted a niche market keyword phrase for one of my customer about 3 days ago and ran it 2X just using LLH/HPR and my client now owns 7 OF 10 ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE!!

I'm not kidding here guys! He is "blown away" and still trying to pick himself off the floor and is singing my praises everywhere to everyone! Thanks again to seo zen master Sir Peter Drew!!

- Hub


Harness The Power of EVO

Evo Mega Pro has the Power to Set You Free:

Free from the daily chores of agonizing over SEO tedium and hand work... Mind-killing drudgery that will kill your business before it ever has a chance to fly by robbing you of the will to go on.

Free from the powerless feeling that you can never get to the top of the SE's without spending months or even YEARS at your keyboard doing soul-sucking menial posting and linking slave labor...


Free to use that time to work on other critically important facets of your business- tasks that until now were shelved while you struggled to do mind-numbing hand work that should have been outsourced long ago, had you but the money and time to oversee it...

Free to walk away from your desk secure in the knowledge that EVO's got it handled... To go and play with your kids... Walk with your partner on a beach... Or just loaf...

Evo Works You Don't

I call that "Iman discovers Freedom"... and that's Straight From The Elite and Private SEO Fight Club Forum.

And don't let the age of the post fool ya... Iman is STILL an active member today! You'll meet him in Fight Club ;-)


That's what's really important, and what's really on offer here.

Now as I said above, EVO PRO does everything he's tasked with almost totally on autopilot... But I'd be less than truthful if I said he didn't get hung up once in a while.

See, just like BFSEO and EVO2, EVO PRO has been exhaustively de-bugged, and real-world Vetted IN PRODUCTION for almost Two YEARS now, but he's still somewhat at the mercy of the external sites we use to capture our insane rankings and linking love.

As EVO PRO spins his incredibly powerful Web 2.0 Web... He is gonna run up against a constantly changing potpourri of site algorithms, captcha mechanisms, e-mail security measures, etc.

And once in a while he's gonna get STUCK. Most of the time (99%) he will simply skip the offending site and move on, and if he doesn't, we've built in a Powerful "Pause and Resume" function in this new PRO release!

Bottom line is, EVO PRO running at even 50% efficiency if FAR more Powerful and effective than anything else on offer!

But if he does get totally bollixed- and while it doesn't happen very often, it *can* happen- that's where we have a Mind Blowing Edge over anyone else even attempting to provide a service of this scope...

When EVO PRO gets hung up, our In-House Team of Master's Degree and PHD level programmers jumps on the issue like a pack of wild dogs, and tears the Throat out of the offending site, Forcing It Back Into Line.

Read That Again.

IN House Team. Not some outsourcers in another time zone. My People. In MY Office.


That's the most incredible thing about the Brute Force SEO: EVO PRO Membership: I've spent Hundreds of Thousands of dollars and countless hours of my time to develop this Insanely Effective, World-Class Software...

A top team of In House professional SEO programmers... and a network of THOUSANDS of savvy users in Fight Club Forum, and all you have to do is...

Walk To The Light.

So... this is where the rubber meets the road.

If you are ready to seize this embarrasment of Automated SEO Riches I've just slapped down in front of you, the the time and place to act is Right Now... Right Here.

If you are ready to put your Search Rankings into Automatic Overdrive, and Slam Your Sites with a deluge of Free Traffic, then there's not a minute to waste.

We've opened the doors to the sensational Brute Force SEO Membership over Nine Times, and since we released EVO2, the demand has been (and remains) Spectacular. This TENTH release of the sensational new EVO Professional will be No Different.

The Deal Is This:

If you're lucky enough - and FAST enough - to be one of the people in the door, you may try the software For just $1 for a full Five (5) days.

Participate in SEO Fight Club Forum - whine, praise, complain, whatever, I don't care. Just get there.

Freedom. For Five (5) Full Days. And if you're lucky...

At the end of the 5 days: when you desperately want to keep your spot and stay on as a full member?

Easy - do nothing, and you will automatically be billed the membership fee (you may cancel at Any Time).

Think that's high?

Look, it's easy math: calculate how long you think it would take you to do what EVO PRO does (in a matter of hours) by hand.

Let me save you some more time- I'll tell you how long...

We have had numerous beta testers TRY THEIR DARNDEST on MANY occasions over the years try to do what EVO PRO does in a few short hours in under a week. Seasoned, experienced Fight Club members and current BFSEO: EVOII users tried again for this release.

They Couldn't Do It. Not ONE Of Them. The closest anyone got was 42 man hours.

That could mean as many as 35-40 Hours A Week Back In Your Pocket.

Say you value your time at a meager $5.00 USD an hour...

Hell, let's say a Measly THREE US Bucks an hour!

That's a savings... Week in and Week Out... of around $120.00 a WEEK.

EVO2 is Brain Dead Easy Value

It's Easy Math, my friend...

You Pay Me $157.00 a month... EVO PRO SAVES you around $480.00 A Month...Probably much, much more depending on how you value your time - Personally, I price my time at more like $500 an hour ;-)

So, to Recap: $480.00 - $157.00 = $323.00 In Time Savings at $3.00 an hour?

But let's say you set your time at a more resonable $20 an hour.

That's about $800 bucks a WEEK saved... A Mind Blowing $3,200 or so a MONTH savings. For a miniscule $157.00?

Do You Get It? That's REAL Money! Your time IS worth Money, right?

It's like getting PAID to use the software...

And Paid Really, Really Well.

When was the last time you bought something that paid YOU to use it?

That's Exactly What's Staring You In The Face... Right This Second.

It Gets Better...

Remember above- the part about the $3 an hour? Why not license EVO PRO and then hand it off to an outsourcer to run on your behalf for right around that rate? Or get three or four licenses, and blast it for clients?

We have no objection... In fact we encourage that!

Got any idea what someone would PAY YOU to get them on Page One of Google? Once again... We Have No Objection.

In fact many of our users make a Full-Time Killing doing Nothing but running EVO PRO on behalf of clients. You won't discover how to do that here...

But there IS a place where we will go into that, and do it in detail, and that brings up the "Gravy" part of this dealio:

As insanely powerful as EVO Professional IS, this isn't just about the software... Oh no, my friend.

There's much, much more at stake here:

Brute Force SEO Fight Club Forum

The Incredible SEO Fight Club is without equal in the IM world.

Packed to the rafters with top SEO Professionals, Traffic Experts, Niche Research Experts, Copywriters, PPC Gurus etc., as well as your fellow users of the system, many of them expert, this insanely powerful resource is the hidden secret of this sensational package.

With these people in your corner as your "cut men", it's hard to even imagine you not succeeding wildly!

What Happens In SEO Fight Club . . .
STAYS In SEO Fight Club.

Indeed, many of these top pros charge THOUSANDS for access to their wisdom, if they offer coaching at all, which most of them don't: They are too busy Making Money.

But you...You get access to this treasure trove for FREE with your membership today. It's like buying Top-Level Mentoring for Pennies On The Dollar.

The only restriction? Re-read the statement above...What happens in Fight Club, STAYS in Fight Club. You agree not to discuss or release the incredible strategies you are about to unearth with ANYONE outside of SEO Fight Club.

Doing so will be grounds for Immediate Cancellation of your membership and you will be Barred from rejoining. This is for YOUR protection... The information you are about to gain access to is THAT powerful.



Mega "Exclusive" BONUS.
I decided not to release this as a stand alone product. I'm reserving it exclusively for my Awesome EVO Members.
This is the only place you can get software anything like this, let alone one that just works exactly as it says it does. Meaning this is the only place you can get software like this, that just delivers traffic.

This software also provides awesome Social Signals for your or your clients websites. On a Massive Scale.

This software alone could be sold for More than our existing membership price. But you know me, Its all about keeping my members happy for the long haul, which is why I still have 100's of members from when we launched back in November 2008.

As you can see from these forum posts, one long term member has generated 6000 clicks from using just 30 twitter accounts, and converted those to a list of nearly 2000 email subscribers. And this was just a test, imagine if he used 1000 accounts?

And from those 6000 hits, nearly 2000 people Subscribed via Email!! Massive List Building Right There!



That's just a sampling of the basics- there's much more to it than that, but we don't have time here to get into all of it- you can do that during your Trial!

A True All-In-One Solution that guarantees you will never need to spend another dime on shoddy software or so-called "memberships" for your site promotion again.

Nobody, but NOBODY gives you such insanely powerful tools for success, all bundled in a total package like you're about to grab here.

There's only ONE way to get the Instant Traffic Software, and that's to Be A Member Of Evo Mega Pro!

Who The Heck Just Gives Away A Tool Like This?!

Nobody But Brute Force SEO.


Birthday Bonus #3

Petes Amazon and Pinterest Software

Listen Up, Pinterest is currently the Hottest Site on the Web: Sending more referral traffic that Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn Combined and continually growing.

We leverage this site for its enourmous social traffic potential and its enormous power in the search engines, in terms of ranking boards we create on their hosting content with our links or our Affiliate links or CPA offers, Plus at the same time providing excellent SEO benefits by providing links to our websites from Pinterest.

The 3 Software Modules provided in the PinFriender Software Package.

1. Our Amazon WordPress PinPosting Software: See images below, to see how an empty domain becomes an Amazon Filled Content blog while its content is posted across Pinterest and many Other Social Websites in just 8 minutes. This is free as part of your EVO PRO Membership.



See Video below to see the Amazing Power of this software, creates Beautiful Content Blogs sourced from Amazon, including your affiliate tag, then automatically pinned to Pinterest and posted to other Social Websites.



2. PinFrinder Software: Gains you up to Thousands of Followers Per week, driving social traffic to your pins, boards and links.


3. Our Amazing Picture Posting Software: Sources the best free pictures and photos along with their description and #hashtags, that work exactly the same in Pinterest, and allows you to post your links, for the photos and in the description. Simply create boards named with terms that people are searching for, these boards have amazing pictorial and textual curated content that the search engines love, giving you ability to enjoy Free Social traffic and Free Organic SE traffic. Plus your sites enjoy many SEO benefits having links from such powerful sites such as Pinterest.





Still Not Done...

Hang on to something, because I am about to blow your mind here...

As a paid up member of BFSEO and SEO Fight Club in good standing, I am going to make practically my entire past AND FUTURE catalog of products and reports available to you...

Free Software

I am known as one of the most prolific software tool creators on the Internet- that's not just me blowing my own horn, it's what I am TOLD, and what I can PROVE: Just take a look at my testimonials!

And I am about to hand you access to everything I have released in the past, as well as most of what I will release in the future, totally gratis.

As Proof, look at what we are doing with the Gold Digger suite - the rewrite alone cost me Thousands, I assure you, but it's Free To Members.

I say "Most" because there are a few super-premium product ideas that we have in development that we will be issuing separately (they aren't really applicable to the SEO arena, you see)...

But you will get 99% of what we release absolutely free, along with EVERY upgrade and add-on we make to the core Brute Force SEO: EVO PRO Software that will allow you to effortlessly achieve...

Brute Force SEO Total Web Domination

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Peter Drew

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